About Viagra

Drug uses

Viagra helps to increases erection during sexual activity. It is one of the most effective drugs for impotency in men.

How Taken

Viagra comes in tablet form and should be taken only one a day. The drug should not be swallowed but kept under the tongue till it gets dissolved. The tablet has to be taken some 10 to 20 minutes before any sexual activity. If you want to take Viagra, take it only under the guidance of a doctor.

Missed Dose

As Viagra is only taken by those who need that extra pleasure in their sexual activity, there is no way that one can miss a dose.


Before your doctor prescribes Viagra for your erectile deficiency problems, it is better to inform him about all your past and present health history. This will help the doctor to make a decision on the Viagra prescription.

Your doctor should have to know if you have a history of irregular heart beats, heart attacks and stroke. Viagra is normally not prescribed for persons who have high and low blood pressure, coronary artery diseases, liver or kidney problems, leukemia and sickle cell anemia. The drug should also be avoided by people who have bleeding disorders, stomach ulcer and retinitis pigmentosa.

It is always better to tell the doctor if you have painful erections. The drug is only prescribed for men and it is not for women and children.

Well, elderly people, especially those who are above 65 years, should have to take Viagra with caution as the drug may cause serious side effects at this age.

More Information

If you are taking any medicine that contains nitrates, then it is better not to take Viagra. Mixing Viagra and medicines with nitrates can cause the blood pressure to drop to unsafe levels. It is not good to take Viagra tablet with any hard alcohol. On the other hand, there is no harm in drinking one or two glasses of wine.

Side Effects

Just like other impotency drugs, Viagra also comes with many side effects. Stomach upset, headache and flushing are some of the common side effects that come with Viagra. But there is nothing to worry with these side effects as these go away soon. If the symptom persists, you have to consul your doctor. Well, heart attack, stroke and irregular heart beats have been rarely reported in persons using Viagra.

Those persons who have experienced erection longer than four hours after taking Viagra should immediately consult the doctor as longer erections are known to damage the penis.

Where to buy Viagra

Buying Viagra over the counter is not that difficult. Well, the easiest way to buy Viagra is through the online drug stores. You can easily get Viagra from our online pharmacy even without any prescription.

Sildenafil citrate

Sildenafil citrate is a tablet that is used for impotence treatment. Sildenafil citrate is the generic name of Viagra and is used by many professional chemists and doctors. In many medical stores Viagra is sold with its generic name so if you are facing difficulty in finding this medicine then you can ask chemist about its generic name. There are different things which should be encountered while using Viagra. The first and foremost thing to consider is the side effects of Viagra. There are two types of side effects of Viagra i.e. common side effects and less common side effects. In common side effects facial flushing and headache are present and chances of getting these problems are 30-40% but they can be avoided if Viagra is used in the right way as doctor suggests.

Well, when we talk about the erectile dysfunction then we come to know about the less blood flow rate due to this sexual problem. This sexual problem does not allow the person to get erection of penis. As erection is necessary for a satisfactory sexual activity so without an erect penis the affected person cannot have sex. The blood flow rate through vessels becomes less due to high deposition of cholesterol. The cholesterol level increases due to the unbalanced diet of the person so it is very necessary for the impotent to take a good care of his diet. Besides this, there is an enzyme in the body that has the ability to decrease or increase the flow rate of blood. The increase in activity of that enzyme can also increase the flow rate of blood and consequently gives erection.

There are different health problems which become the cause of impotency but some causes are very major. These health problems should be avoided otherwise they can also create other ailments for you. The names of these causes are depression, spinal cord injury, heart disease, high cholesterol level and blood pressure. High blood pressure is considered the mother of all health diseases. If a person is suffering with high blood pressure then he can get many health problems so he should treat high blood pressure very carefully. 50 mg, 25 mg and 100 mg are those doses of Viagra which are available in market. You will find only 25 mg and 50 mg dose of Viagra at most of the medical stores but 100 mg dose is also being sold.

Can there by an Ethical Issue surrounding Viagra?

Viagra pills

All over the world, everyone seems to be buying Viagra all the time. People are holding stocks at home and consuming this pill daily like they do with vitamin pills. Apart from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer which holds the patent for Viagra, all other manufacturers of bulk drug formulations are also manufacturing and selling this drug by container loads. Viagra tablets are being manufactured in China, India in bulk and being shipped overseas to even far away continents like South Africa. Going by the data available we might presume US and Europe to be the biggest markets for Viagra. But this need not necessarily be true. Viagra is in demand in every country and is getting sold and booked even before it reaches the counters in all other countries too. The only difference is that the data is not available on such sales.

Very soon one of these days, we can expect some group or NGO to come forward and take up an ethical issue against Viagra. Do they have a case? The answer could be a Yes and No. No because technically and medically Viagra is not supposed to be sold without a physician’s prescription. Therefore the responsibility of prescribing the medicine for a right cause or condition falls on the doctor. There could be an ethical issue as far as the usage of the drug by people without a valid prescription is concerned.

If we analyze the problem, we will find that Viagra is being used like a aphrodisiac to boost ones sexual energy and libido. There seems to be a myth and false claims being spread by people themselves about the use of Viagra. Going by the fact that Sex is sells, it is not surprising that everyone loves engaging in exploring various new drugs to boost their sex life. After all sex is a basic biological drive in human beings. If innocent young people are falling pray to such myths and using Viagra daily, it can seriously impair their health and affect adversely. One look at the internet online advertisements is enough proof that Viagra is being marketed aggressively. It may also be required that sufficient factual information about the medical use of the drug be made available to the common man.

People’s perception about Viagra needs to be changed. Viagra is not a sex booster. Though called as the Wonder pill, it does nothing to increase the sexual energy and drive in men. Sexual drive is a complex process involving senses, mind and body. Viagra is a medication that cures erectile dysfunction. It works as a PDE5 inhibitor, which causes increased blood flow to the male sex organ thereby increasing sexual sensitiveness of the penis. The increased blood flow helps the penis to achieve and sustain an erection. Because of the increased sensitiveness of the organ, people can mistake it to be an increase in sexual drive. The misunderstanding further spreads and gets exaggerated as it is passed on from person to person.

With innocent youth succumbing to this misunderstanding and going in for Viagra consumption, it falls on the society to initiate steps to correct this perception and clear the air surrounding Viagra.

Male Impotence

However primitive or advanced our society is, the subject of sex is something that remains constant amongst people at all times. Both men as well as women seem to have deep rooted desire for sex. Women of course do yearn for love and the feeling of warmth and companionship. The same is true in case of men too, but their biological drive seems to get the better of them. Biologically speaking, women undergo what is known as menopause when their ovaries stop ovulation and thus they stop being able to conceive. However in case of males, the testosterone is produced even after the individual goes through what is known as andropause and continues to be able to father a child. In most people, the need for sex continues to be a major factor even after they pass through these phases. However, there are a number of men and women who go through various problems which inhibit them from enjoying any sexual relationship.

Male impotence is a major problem that has been the subject of many a studies right from the past few centuries. As in the case of other subjects, male impotence too has been researched extensively in the United States and the researchers have put forth different hegemonic understandings on the same. Male impotence was understood to have been a behavioral problem or a behavioral based medical problem and then it was recognized as a symptom resulting out of psychological trauma or distress and now the doctors term it as ‘erectile dysfunction’ under medical pathology.

It is interesting to understand the concept ‘masculinity’ as it stands understood and perceived by the men and the effect of male impotence on masculinity of the individual. Masculinity is the very basic core of the male identity. To a large level it defines the individual and the man that one is. The perception of male impotence and its effect differs from society to society and has historical as well as cultural impact too. Male impotence is not just a factor that affects the individual male, but his relationship with his spouse as well as the family and society have their set pattern of thinking and reactions too.

The research on male impotence received its due consideration only around the period of 1800 where in psychoanalysis and behavioral studies were conducted to identify the problems related to male impotence. The book ‘A Practical Treatise on Impotence, Sterility and Allied disorders of the male sexual Organs’ by Dr.Samuel W Gross published in the year 1881 made a significant contribution to the medical field wherein he explained and categorized male impotence into behavioral as well as medical problems and explored the various types of erectile dysfunction. It was he who urged the doctors to focus on the problems related to male impotence before jumping to treat women for fertility. He argued that though erectile dysfunction could be caused temporarily due to emotional or psychological stress, the inability to copulate was a medical problem. He found that men who had inappropriate sexual conduct usually suffered from medical problems including urethral lesions and sexual diseases that led to male impotence. Today pharma industry is sponsoring and encouraging studies on male impotence with a view to expand its markets for Viagra and other drugs that cure erectile dysfunction and increase male libido.

Women Watch Out For These Symptoms in Your Men

Women are very complicated by nature. When we say complicated, we are not referring to anything negative. Women by nature are built to manage complicated processes physically as well as emotionally and otherwise. They handle many roles and multiple responsibilities at one go. They are physically weaker than men but their endurance is much higher than the male species. Physically too women tend to work a lot more than men. In case of men the physical work can be physical tasks, but women manage multiple physical tasks through the day. Along with cooking, cleaning and looking after the home which is a around the clock job, they also play very many roles. They play various roles of being mother, daughter, wife, daughter in law, friend and many more all at the same time with ease. There is always a debate as to whether women are more sentimental and feeble emotionally than men. Men are known to be stronger generally. However in many cases it can be the other way round. Women when they are young are very feminine and delicate in their disposition. With marriage, responsibilities and children etc, they tend to become emotionally stronger especially while facing innumerable difficulties that confront them in day to day life. Women’s life is harder. Now days the complications faced by women has increased and multiplied with more and more women pursuing their careers and expanding their roles beyond home too.